Desert Island Drams – Julian From Whisky-U

Julian is a history student from Switzerland who started to get into whisky three years ago at the age of 19. Besides his studies he works part time in a tiny whisky store in the old town of Zurich which you can find here.

He started blogging about whisky in December of 2015 and on his website he likes to write a lot about himself because he thinks that he is very inspirational (He is something like the Kanye West of whisky blogging).

Julian is a nice guy and easily one of the coolest people out there. Also he is very humble and definitely didn’t write this all himself.

I would want my Desert Island Dram to last me as long as possible so the ideal whisky would be one that is intense and has a lot of concentrated flavor so just a little sip of it is satisfying.

Therefore I would choose a Mortlach Signatory Vintage 1991 21 years old. This beast of Dufftown was matured in a Sherry Butt and bottled at 53.9% abv.


When I took my first sip of that whisky it almost blew my head off. It is massively intense and packed with flavor.

Another plus is the meatiness which could come handy because I’m a big meat lover and would certainly miss a nice steak on a desert island.

Despite his humble(!) introduction Julian is a genuinely nice guy and reviews some great drams in a very personable way.

You can find his blog at

He is also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


  1. You really want to, believe me. This is a stunning dram 🙂

  2. cpsikora · ·

    Sound reasoning! Makes me want to try some!

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