Ardbeg Dark Cove

I’m not really a lover of Ardbeg.

I’m just going to pause for a second and repeat myself.

I’m not really a lover of Ardbeg.

(Cue a large amount of raised eybrows and surprised looks)

Roger Moore is surprised.

Didnt smell that cooking…

I know that this distillery is one that has a massive cult following with its limited and special edition releases regularly crashing websites and always having demand outstripping supply.

I’m just not that into it. Its not you Ardbeg, its me.

Last week the postman brought me a sample of the new Ardbeg limited release, Dark Cove.  To be honest I wouldn’t have sought one out but seeing as its here I thought I’d give Ardbeg one more chance to impress…

Ardbeg Dark Cove, OB, 46.5%abv (available here)

On the nose it is a truly delicious and inviting dram. Meaty, earthy phenols mix with faint orange and toffee notes.  After a while a sharp and fruity character is realeased from underneath the medicinal overtones.

The palate is ashy and slightly minerally.  The sweet and phenolic peat coats the mouth alongside a slightly tannic (in a good way) and fruity mixture of flavours. Perhaps a touch of red grape appears before a slight coastal note.

The slight coastal feel continues into the finish. Salted toffee smoked over a bonfire leads to a pleasant oaky dryness and something I can only describe as fishy ginger.

Overall a stunning dram and one that has made me reassess my ambivalence towards Ardbeg. I think its time I started again with the Ardbeg 10 and work my way through a few more.

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