The arrival of Summer and The Glenrothes Bourbon Cask Reserve.

Summer is here. 

Sort of.

Peoples thoughts turn to barbecues, cutting the grass, sunburn and relaxing in the garden.  

My taste for whisky changes throught the year. As a general rule I tend to save the rich and smoky whiskies for the cold and dark nights (also possible in summer if you live in Scotland) 

But what is a good summer dram? 

Dilemma solved as the new (ish) Bourbon Cask Reserve from The Glenrothes arrives at Amateur Drammer HQ.

The Glenrothes Bourbon Cask Reserve, OB, 40%abv.

On the nose it is very pleasant.  Vanilla, sweet citrus and apricots form an enticing aroma. The palate is big on both vanilla and coconut and has a lovely, buttery feeling. There is also a subtle hint of banana here.
The finish is of medium to short length. The buttery and vanilla flavours continue and mix with creamed coconut before fading to some gentle spices and a faint woodiness.
All in all this was a very pleasant dram, best described as a simple sipper.

This dram definitely showcases bourbons influence on a whisky and would make a good summertime session dram and perhaps a good starting point on someones whisky journey.
Those seeking complexity however should look elsewhere.

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