The AnCnoc Vintage range. 1999 – 2001

Last week I had the pleasure (and good fortune) to take part in a Twitter Tasting with anCnoc, looking at their Vintage range. Specifically the 1999, 2000 and 2001 bottlings.

First up was the 1999 vintage.

AnCnoc 1999 Vintage, OB, 46%abv (avaliable here)

On the nose it is quite sweet with big citrus notes, honey and green fruits overlaying hints of beeswax and mild oak emerging before a lightly floral perfumed element reveals itself.

The palate is citrusy with some malty and biscuity elements arriving just before more tropical fruits. The finish fades subtly to spice notes before some intense floral, drying elements

AnCnoc 2000 Vintage, OB, 46%abv (available here)

The nose is again sweet, muscovado sugar, raisins and light leathery notes overlay some citrus and vanilla elements before the emergence of some light oak.

The palate continues along the same path. It is smooth and buttery with tasty and tangy elements of cedar, vanilla and oak. 

Muscovado sugar stored in a cigar humidor?

The finish is fantastic. The buttery feel slowly fades to leave lingering spices, tannins and a pleasant, lingering oak note.
A comfortable leather armchair sort of dram…

AnCnoc 2001 Vintage, OB, 46%abv (available here)

The nose is light and lemony with a peach syrup feeling. Orange oil and vanilla are somewhere underneath.  
The palate is buttery with a hint of custard creams, vanilla and chocolate giving way to drying, tannic spices on the finish.
A well balanced, sweet and fresh citrusy dram.

AnCnoc is a new brand for me and this was a great introduction to some excellent whiskies.

Thanks again to AnCnoc and everyone else who took part on the night.


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  2. Good stuff. I know on my site, Chewbacca loved the anCnoc 12-year-old. Cheers to you, my friend!

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