Desert Island Drams – Whisky Apocalypse

 John, AKA Whisky Apocalypse has been exchanging whisky (and whiskey) banter with me on twitter for quite a while and he genuinely surprised me with his choice of Desert Island Dram. 
Firstly, however, I’ll let him introduce himself.
I’ve been drinking whisky for about 25 years, first wee nips with my Granddad who loved his little collection of half a dozen bottles and then later on finding my own way through my whisky voyage.
I owe a lot to a mate Sandy who, about a decade ago, got me into trying new whiskies and older single malts, really opened my eyes to the sheer range on offer.
I’ve been running Whisky Apocalypse for about five years, first just to keep in touch with a couple of friends and then just over a year ago started blogging again but taking it a bit more seriously in regards to what I’m writing but also keeping it honest and straight forward, I want people to look at the blog and read it as if a mate was giving advice rather than a sales pitch.

Which whisky would I choose for my Desert Island Dram?

Dalmore Cigar Malt (the original not the new overpriced version)


I had to think about this for a while, decided on the Cigar Malt for a few reasons, I’ve had a few bottles of it over the years and it tasted amazing every time.
I know people go on about “Christmas in a glass” but this really was just that.
I’ll never forget a friend turning to me and chastising me for not introducing him to it sooner, just a perfect every occasion whisky and one sadly missed.
The Whisky Apocalypse blog can be found here.
Follow the man himself on Twitter here.

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