Happy 1st Birthday! 

How time flies.  

I simply cannot believe that a whole year has passed since I decided to start the Amateur Drammer project. 

The blog itself was inspired after a drunken conversation with Chris Hoban (of Edinburgh Whisky Blog fame) whilst mulling over a rather nice Craigellachie at The Whisky Stramash. After a few days of rest, detox and recovery I set to on the laptop and started typing. 

What started as a simple wordpress blog has evolved into a network of social media accounts, a great deal of new friends and has become a proper website. 

I even have business cards…

Over the last year I have met so many wonderful whisky people, been invited to product launches, blagged my way into distilleries, received a fantastic amount of samples, taken part in Twitter Tastings, swapped samples with new friends, tried a vast array of drams (some of which I would never have sampled without the blog) and written over 200 articles.

Most importantly I have loved every single minute of it.
What does the future hold? 

More drams, more amazing whisky people and hopefully you will all be there to share it with me.


Andy, The Amateur Drammer.


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