The rebirth of Bladnoch and the introduction of the Pure Scot

News broke some time ago that Bladnoch Distillery was saved. The company was reborn and reinvigorated as we eagerly anticipated their first forays back into the whisky market.  
Fast forward several months and I get a very generous sample of their new blended scotch, Pure Scot, delivered to AmateurDrammer HQ.

This is a blend of Bladnochs own malts, alongside some Island, Speyside, Highland and some selected Grain whiskies.

Pure Scot, Blended Scotch, 40%abv (available from the distillery)

The nose is mainly fruity and slightly fudgy. Apricots are lurking somewhere, as are green fruits and in general it feels quite tropical. There is also a slightly strange note of play-dough.  

The palate seems surprisingly rather vegetal and slightly herbaceous. The tropical fruits are here but are undermined by a slight off note that I cant quite describe, combined with something like linseed oil or similar. 

This seems to mostly take over the palate, much to its detriment unfortunately. Bizarrely I cant help but think of Grappa when I’m drinking this. It does remind me of a Single Grain Strathclyde whisky I tried recently that left me really rather disappointed.

The palate does however have a really nice syrupy feeling.

The finish is again fruity but the slight plastic note pervades through and takes over the finish. 

Im really not too sure whats going on here. There just feels a slight imbalance with the stronger notes vastly overpowering the palate. Its like listening to music with the bass turned up too high. It just sounds distorted.

I went back to it on several occasions just to try and figure it out. I tried to like this. I really did but for some reason I just couldn’t take to it.

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