Desert Island Drams – Whisky Unplugged

You may remember several months ago Whisky Unplugged wrote a guest article on in which he wrote about Heelslaying. You can read the post here.

This Desert Island Dram selection was made by Mark from Whisky Unplugged.  A website set up with a group of similarly minded friends who love a dram but not all of the BS that can come with it.

Here he is with his nomination for a Desert Island Dram.


It has been great to read through the Desert Island Dram series of articles over the last many months and to see just what drams the writers have chosen, but what has made for particularly enjoyable reading is the description of the circumstances and memories that people have associated with their chosen tipple.

As a budding whisky enthusiast, it has been comforting to find something to relate to with other writers and amateur drammers.

If someone asked me point blank what dram I would consider to be my favourite, go-to-tipple, then I would state Laphroaig Quarter Cask every time. However, on the notion of experiences, my quest for Laphroaig enjoyment took me to Islay a while back, and whilst the Laphroaig distillery, tour and tasting was one of the best whisky experiences that I’ve had, probably the most enjoyable of the Islay escapades actually happened on the other side of the island at Bruichladdich.

After a warehouse tasting of some fantastic whiskies, including Octomore 10 straight from the cask, I walked outside of the distillery with my Whisky Unplugged compadres and we sat out on the pier over Loch Indaal. Looking out to the island with our gift shop purchases, we drank in the beauty of the island’s sights, smells and the fantastic liquid made across the other side of the street, and I relive that experience every time that I have a Laddie Ten.

Flash forward 12 months and I’m out with the Whisky Unplugged boys and several more on my stag do and whilst recovering on the second day before having to do it all over again in the evening, a friend of mine goes to the bar and spots a familiar light blue label nestled amongst the bottles on the top shelf. Once again the Laddie Ten graced my lips and another life moment, with its deliciously light and tasty ways helping us comfortably over the hump to line up the second night of non-stop laughter and entertainment.

I realise that I’ve not yet mentioned the taste, but for me, its sweet nose and strong vanilla/oak flavours make for a very tasty and more-ish dram, which ought to make it a standard go-to whisky. It’s also a cracking whisky to savour when you’re not ready for a peat explosion. 

Unfortunately, its recent scarcity makes this fairly impossible.

Combining all of these elements together (a) the deliciousness of the whisky, (b) its rare availability, and (c) its association with these life moments, then that’s what makes me choose Bruichladdich’s lost staple as my desert island dram.

A great choice and one very close to my own heart. The Laddie 10 was the first bottle I ever bought for myself on my whisky journey. 

A true favourite, a masterpiece of a dram and I am lucky enough to have a bottle stashed away for the future.

You can find the Whisky Unplugged blog here and follow along on Twitter here.


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