Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish

£22 doesn’t buy you a lot these days. 

Certainly not when it comes to whisky anyway….

I’m not sure what Glen Moray are trying to do here when releasing this new expression at this low price point. They are either trying to target the entry level market or they are just challenging the rest of the industry to follow suit and produce more affordable products.

Either way, both good things. 

I’m trying to look at this whisky in two ways. Taking price into account and then disregarding price entirely. 

Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish, OB, NAS, 40%abv, Press Sample.

The nose is very fruity and light with melon, raisin and vanilla all present alongside a slightly floral feeling. There is a deeper toffee esque note there somewhere.

The palate is pleasant but quite light. I’m not too sure how it can be thin and yet buttery but it is. Raisins and subtle spices are overlaid by pleasant honey and gooseberries. A leather note lingers and leads us into the finish.

The finish is a little short but fades to a return of the vanilla and a slight tropical fruit feeling. Again there are slight raisin elements along with a touch of clove.

Disregarding price then this is pleasant dram in which the sherry finish compliments rather than takes over the character of the whisky. 

It is a credit to the producers that their distillery signature flavours are still here, rather than simply masked by sherry notes. All to often I wonder if a sherry cask is used to hide imperfections in a whisky rather than highlight the character.

Taking the price into account then it’s remarkable value. An easy, everyday drinker at what must be an unbeatable price. 

I’m struggling to think of another £22 dram that can match or better this.

Find a bottle, drink it and enjoy it for what it is.

Well played Glen Moray, well played. 

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