Desert Island Dram – Ben Bowers from A Dram a Day

Ben Bowers is currently undertaking a whisky tasting challenge in an effort to raise £5000 (and hopefully more) for The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, a charity based in Leeds who provide support for babies and children who suffer with congenital heart problems.

The challenge is to sample and review on video 366 whiskies from 366 different distilleries/brands in 366 days – hence ‘A Dram A Day’.

Each daily video is uploaded to a YouTube channel and he has a JustGiving page for donations to the charity.

Ben is also looking for donations of Drams themselves and has a list of whiskies  which is updated regularly to mark off those he has already sampled or obtained.  He says he is still a fair way off the full 366, but at the time of writing, has received some amazing donations from members of the whisky community which have got him up to dram 326. July 30th sees him reach the half way point.

He spends most of his time on the Facebook Page which is the ‘hub’ of the challenge.


Ben was previously the store manager of The Whisky Shop in the centre of York and also spent a few years working for Diageo as a BDM.  Currently working outside the drinks industry but this challenge is a way of keeping in touch with the world of whisky

If I was stuck on a desert island, I can think of no better whisky to have by my side than a bottle of Ardbeg 1977.


It was the first whisky that truly opened my eyes to what the Water of Life could offer. I was working for Oddbins in Newcastle at the time after finishing University, and they had a tasting bottle open behind the counter.

I can still remember with absolute clarity the moment that I tried it. It was a genuine life changing epiphany. I just couldn’t believe a liquid could contain so much complexity, depth and flavour that lasted for literally hours.

It was amazing, and took me away from wanting to be a screenwriter and towards a life of working with drinks, and a love of whisky in particular that has led me to typing these words.

Plus, as the finish goes on FOREVER I wouldn’t need to drink that much regularly, so I might have some left to share with my rescuers!

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  1. […] I had, at the time, just been conversing with Ben Bowers who runs the charity campaign ‘A Dram A Day‘ and was featured in a previous Desert Island Dram article. […]

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