The Trojan – Exile Casks.

I’ve always loved mythology. As a boy I read and re-read countless stories of heros slaying otherworldly creatures and embarking on seemingly impossible quests. As an adult I grew to love the Ray Harryhausen films such as The 7th voyage of Sinbad and Jason and The Argonauts.

This brings us nicely to Exile Casks first release, The Trojan. Named after the Trojan Horse from Greek mythology as this is new make spirit from one distillery that was barreled, matured and hidden within the warehouse of another.

At the time of writing all bottles have sold out. It was pretty limited run of just over 300 after all and I was especially lucky to receive a dram as part of a sample swap (if you are reading this Will, then thanks!) 

The Trojan, IB – Exile Casks, Undisclosed distillery, 25 y.o, 57.3% abv (received in a sample swap)

The nose is primarily green apples and brown sugar. Over time dark fruits, baked spiced apples and sweet tannins emerge. The palate feels thick with vanilla and coconut as well as tropical fruits. There is an oaky, tannic dryness along with chocolate and marmalade. The finish fades pleasantly leaving hints of sweet black tea and leather.

All round this is a very well balanced, rounded and pleasant whisky. Water definately softens but surprisingly drinkable at 57%.

I may have missed the boat on this one but i’ll be first in the queue for release number two…

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