Review – Signatory Vintage Craigduff 1973

Ive been doing a few sample swaps recently and this was one of the recent arrivals.  Its not often you try a whisky that was distilled before you were born so I’ve been holding onto this one for a while until I could sit back and take my time over it.  After all, old age requires a little respect…

Craigduff, 1973, IB – Signatory, 32y.o, 49.4%abv (sample swap)

This was ditilled in 1973 at Glenkeith Distillery as part of an experimental peated batch and fully matured in a shery butt for 32 years. 566 bottles were released in 2005 at 49.4%abv and natural colour.

The nose has the lightest wisp of smoke, with the mildest touch of phenols. There are some lovely apple notes here, a sweet, green freshness alongside a very light vanilla and cedar element.  The palate is delightful and feels almost buttery. Raisins and some smooth vanilla appear under the light and smoky feeling that lingers through and follows on to the finish.

Genuinely a stunning dram. Subtle smoke intertwined with a subtle sweetness. Bucket list stuff.


  1. AmateurDrammer · ·

    Worth looking out for, even just to tick off the list.

  2. Anonymous · ·

    Seems really nice Andy. One of the few Scottish whiskies on my list i’ve never tried so far.

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