Desert Island Drams – MaltMan Mike

For those of you who have not encountered Maltman Mike before its probably best to let a man who speaks his mind and doesn’t mince his words introduce himself…

For those of you who may have not heard of me rambling on about whisky and other spirits via social media, my name is Mike Little and I operate my whisky journalism as Maltman Mike. A somewhat cheesy name that was chosen by fellow contemporary writer The Whisky Viking.

I try to come at a different angle and promote/work alongside distilleries and producers who are committed to quality over quantity as it were. Should you like to find out more why not log onto where you can access a wealth of videos and articles with something hopefully for everyone….interested in whisky of-course!



Ok so I have been dropped off and stranded on a God forsaken desert island with one last request as to which whisky I can have with me to enjoy, to what could quite possibly be my final days.

The choices flying around my head are never-ending as I have had the pleasure of tasting some quite frankly incredible whiskies!

Should I choose an old faithful such as Laphroaig Quarter Cask or indeed the super peated Bruichladdich Octomore 6.3 Islay Barley?

My answer is strangely no.

I’m on a red hot desert island with very little provisions and I need something that’s going to hit the spot and be refreshing at the same time. The one whisky that stood out to me was a good old trusty bottle of the Old Pulteney 12.


For an unpeated, ex bourbon matured whisky it contains everything I want, be that a fresh floral nose or of course a sweet malty flavour. The OP12 is still a single malt I return to numerous times a year and it’s one that whisky drinkers can depend on with regards to quality in production & maturation.

Thanks to The Amateur Drammer for including me in this, it’s always good to link up with others from the whisky community.


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