The Singleton of Dufftown 18 y.o

Just back from a holiday and found this on my travels.  Here’s a quick look.

The Singleton of Dufftown 18y.o, OB, 40% abv, (available here)

The nose is quite fresh and gentle with strong hints of pears, peaches and, most notably, honey. On the palate the initial fruitiness turns to some tea like tannic notes. Sweet Earl Grey tea mixed with honey and raisins.  There is a nice creamy and vanilla undertone here too.  The finish is well balanced between the ever present honey and the arrival of some slightly floral notes alongside some gentle spices and honeyed peaches.

I really didnt know what to expect from this, especially as I had already tried their NAS Spey Cascade expression and found it to be remarkable average and a little uninspiring. This is quite an elegant dram which is perhaps not as complex as some of its contemporaries but I am glad I stumbled across it.

It must be said I am not a fan of their bottle shape however, it is somewhat unweildy and obtuse.

One comment

  1. Yeah Andy, the 18 is completely different from the Sunray, Tailfire and the Cascade.The first two are too sweet in my opinion. But it’s what the distilleries are trying to sell in the retail market.

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