Revisiting some Glenfiddichs – The 18 and 21

As part of a recent Twitter Tasting held in collaboration with The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival and The Whisky Wire I had the opportunity to try both the Glenfiddich 18 and 21 year olds.

Much has been written about these whiskies before and I dare say many have already tried, sampled, noted, reviewed and bought them.  However I was pleasantly surprised by them both so thought it only fair to revisit both of them.

Glenfiddich 18y.o, OB, 40%abv, (available here)


The nose is very much signature Glenfiddich. Pears, Papaya, tropical fruits but mixed with some light brown sugar and a nice floral, honeysuckle notes.  On the palate the tropical fruits are still present as are the pears but there is an emergence of some slight oakiness, some sherry influence kicks in, along with some vanilla.  The finish is as you would expect and continues as from the palate, however it fades nicely to some warming spice.

Not much in terms of complexity here but a rather nice, elegant speysider.

Glenfiddich 21y.o, OB, 40%abv, (available here)


The nose is still fruity but more bannana, ripe pears and green fruits along with oranges and brown sugar.  The palate is slightly tannic with spices and buttery vanillins dominating alongside rasins and a subtle oakyness.  The finish is spiced and warming with a return of the orange and brown sugar. Slightly darker and richer than the 18 but quite a jump in price here.






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