AnCnoc Blas

Yet another sample I have had lying around for a while….

I’ve had my eyes opened to AnCnoc after taking part in a Twitter Tasting quite recently. Not long after I was sent a sample of their new limited edition release, a collaboration with Scottish fashion designer Patrick Grant.


Patrick Grant. Proper Dapper.

Dapper though he is Mr Grant has designed the packaging and not the whisky itself.


Blas. Also proper dapper.

Anyway, you should never judge a book by its cover so what are the contents like?

AnCnoc Blas, OB, 54%abv, press sample (available here)

The nose is mainly citrus and honeycomb notes but there is quite a malty and cereal based undertone. A slight sharpness here too with a grapefruit element and an intense florality especially when nosing at cask strength. The palate starts with green fruit and perhaps a ginger chocolate note alongside some gooseberries, leather and grassy notes.  The finish is mildly tannic and drying and has orange, green wood and dark chocolate to finish.

At cask strength I did find this to be quite overpowering. I found it much, much better after the addition of some water.

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