Teeling Whiskey – The Revival Vol II

Last year I reviewed Teelings first Revival expression so it was a pleasant surprise to receive Volume II unexpextedly last month.  This is the second limited edition bottling in The Revival Commemorative Series. It is aged for 12 years in Bourbon casks before being finished for another year in ex Calvados casks (the first Revival expression was finished in rum casks) This expression is limited to 10000 bottles, which in the grand scheme of things really isnt that limited.

Before the review of the whisky it might be a good idea to define what Calvados is for those of you who dont know already.  Calvados is a French apple brandy produced in the Lower Normady region. The full wikipedia entry can be found here for those who want to read a little more. 

I will now try to review this without resorting to using the words apples, appley or apple pie…

Which is harder than you may think. 

Teeling Whiskey, OB, The Revival Vol II, 46%abv, press sample, (available soon)

The nose is very sweet, almost candy sweet. Powdered sugar and lemon sherberts are there, alongside some dominant apple  pear and vanilla notes. The palate is , unsurprisingly sweet. The apples fruit notes really jump out here. There is a slight pineapple element, alongside some faint marzipan and then vanilla essence. The finish remains appley  fruity until near the end where some very mild apples  spices emerge.

Light, sweet, fruity and rather appley  nice. Definately not one for those who dislike apples  sweet drams. Reminded me quite a lot of the Glenmorangie Milsean in its character. 

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