Desert Island Drams – Colin Poppy from Ballindalloch Distillery.

Colin Poppy is the Manager of the new Ballindalloch Distillery on Speyside, having worked there since its start up in 2014.  He started his whisky career as a stillman / mashman at Diageo’s Auchroisk Distillery.

This distillery still has a special place in his heart as he remembers visiting it as a young boy with his Father who worked there as a ‘watcher’ with the then Customs & Excise.

‘The whisky I would take with me should I be stranded on a desert island would have to be the original Singleton of Auchroisk, which is sadly no longer commercially available.


I received a bottle of this from my two girls as a Father’s Day present a number of years ago and I still have it, although I did manage to pick up another bottle (which I drank!) on an auction site. 

It’s sad that this once popular whisky hasn’t been brought back as part of Diageo’s revamped Singleton portfolio yet…but who knows what the future will bring?’


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