Tomintoul Tlath

It was only when this arrived at AmateurDrammer HQ last week that I suddenly realised I hadn’t tried or reviewed a Tomintoul before.

The Tlath is their new NAS expression. Tlath is gaelic for gentle or mellow, tying in with Tomintouls reputation as ‘The Gentle Dram’

Tomintoul Distillery was built in 1965 by the companies Haig & MacLeod and W & S Strong and was operated under their ownership until a takeover by Whyte & MacKay in 1973. It is currently owned and operated by Angus Dundee Distillers.

Tomintoul Tlath, NAS, 40%abv, Press Sample

The nose is very light and quite gentle. Citrus and pepper notes are most prominent alongside some floral, toffee and faint vanilla elements.

The palate is more spiced than expected. It is light, spicy and zesty. Notes of lemon pepper mix with light vanilla and perhaps a little bannana.

The finish is quite short and remains gently spiced until the very end where some creamy vanilla notes emerge.

In general this does feel a little muted but then again it is marketed as a ‘gentle dram’ so what should one expect?

Not much here in terms of complexity or depth. It’s pleasant enough but unremarkable.

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