A Loch Lomond Single Grain #WhiskyFlashBlog #LochLomond

This review forms part of a #WhiskyFlashBlog and I am reviewing this Loch Lomond Single Grain whisky alongside many other writers, bloggers and enthusiasts all of which have been expertly coordinated by Steve at The Whisky Wire.

This whisky is produced at the Loch Lomond Distillery which is (just) a Highland region distillery on the West Coast of Scotland. The distillery has both Pot Stills and Coffey Stills with this particular whisky being produced in the latter.

There are several brands and styles produced here, including the increasingly popular Inchmurrin brand, but today we will look at their upcoming single grain expression bottled under the Loch Lomond Label. 

Loch Lomond Single Grain Scotch Whisky, 46% abv, press sample, price TBC.

On the nose there are plenty of green fruits and a tropical feeling alongside a malty and somewhat biscuity note. Not at all what I had expected and a pleasant surprise.

The palate is crisp but light with a slightly citrusy zest. Plenty of pineapple and apricot notes reveal themselves underneath a slightly peppery, malty overtone. A pleasant mouthfeel and a mildly syrupy feeling. Only here does the vanilla begin to emerge.

The finish is medium length and retains the palates zesty and fruity character with the re-emergence of vanilla, the return of some slight sweetness and a pleasant buttery feeling towards the end.

A little bit of water opens it up slightly more, bringing out a more fruity character and losing some of its peppery nature.  This very slight dilution benefits it somewhat but isn’t completely necessary. There is a slight change in the sweetness, becoming more candy sweet than fruity sweet. 

Definitely different from the other grain whiskies I have tried which all seem to have a Creme Brûlée element. 

No word on price as yet so no comments on its value.  I will update this review when prices are released.

You can find all the other reviews across social media by searching the hashtags #LochLomond #WhiskyFlashBlog

Thanks, as ever, to The Whisky Wire for inclusion in a fun project and to The Loch Lomond Group for the chance to try a new whisky.




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