Desert Island Drams – Sorren from OCD Whisky

Sorren is the man behind and is another of my ‘virtual’ whisky friends. We regularly talk whisky over Twitter and despite our best efforts never seem to be able to meet in real life.

It is my great pleasure to feature one of whisky bloggings top blokes.

‘I started drinking whisky many many years ago, bottles like Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie, there really was not a lot of choice around back then. These days my passion had taken me into the collecting and blogging world and has given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people in person at the distilleries and through the media side #whiskyfabric.

So the question put to me was which whisky would I want on a desert island and why..

I instantly thought I knew the answer, of course it would be an Auchentoshan, why would it be anything else but which one ?

After a few minutes of thinking I was even more confused as I recently discovered the gems from Tomatin distillery like the Virgin oak BYO single cask which really is a wonderful whisky, some of the older expressions from Glenfarclas and Glendronach, not to mention Balvenie… I really did struggled to decide just which bottle I would actually want with me, after all there is some fantastic whisky out there…

After quite a while I decided it would have to be my beloved Auchentoshan 1979, 32yo oloroso cask…

This whisky just makes me smile, even when I just look at the box I feel giddy inside. The nose is stunning and I can sit down for hours and just enjoy the bouquet of aromas, the palate just follows on perfectly, it is extremely well balanced and full of complexity, it is just Devine, this really is the best “toshan” I have ever tasted.

The aromas and flavours that come from the glass are enough to keep any man company in the long lonely nights that might be ahead on my very own desert island..

I’m sure once the Angels know I had this bottle I’d have plenty of company.’


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  1. Chris Hall · ·

    What a suprise that Sorren has chosen a Auchentoshan, but I am sure it is a good one !

  2. Thanks for the invite Andy, it is a real privilege to be featured in this series, so many great names have gone before me.. thank you for the opertunity..

  3. nice to read, Sorren likes to write about others so him talking about his desert dram is a treat, not withstanding his choice

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