Desert Island Drams – Rob from

This weeks Desert Island Dram nomination is made by Rob Prior who says, quite simply, he just a lover of whisky. He loves its power to bring people together, to evoke lots of different experiences and play on the senses. He writes a blog with his friend Simon, where they hope that some of their journey and enthusiasm that they have for whisky will be passed on to other people. He hopes that people find it honest, fun and not too stuffy.

I would choose the Kilchoman Machir Bay as my Desert Island Dram.

I think that I would choose it for two main reasons.

Machir Bay was the first whisky that I drank that blew me away and the first dram that felt in some way as if it had been created specifically for me. The peat smoke on palate draws me back to happy childhood holiday memories rushing around a small Scottish island called Shuna, where we got to chop wood, light fires and just have fun in nature. Then the salty, sweetness takes me forwards on to the promise of future holidays by the sea, ice cream in hand and basking in the sun. It is this visceral, fun nature that makes me love whisky above all other drinks.

Robs website can be found at and you can find him on Twitter too.

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