Desert Island Drams – iLaddie

With a blogging handle of iLaddie then I only ever expected one choice of distillery for Rombout Mastenbroek’s nomination for a Desert Island Dram…

Which whisky would I choose? I would choose a 2001 Bruichladdich Resurrection Dram.

This for me is the dram I should take with me if I were to take no other drams but one.

The choice of my blogger name “iLaddie” is a direct result of my respect and appreciation of this Bruichladdich spirit. The spirit in which this spirit became spirit is a spirit I highly appreciate. Add the “i” as a reference to a nerdy need to show I like Apple stuff and there you go! “iLaddie”!

The Classic Laddie dram by Bruichladdich is for me my favourite dram when it comes to everyday drinking drams.  The Edition_01 versions of the Laddie are a step up from that and the ultimate version of this dram would be the 2001 Resurrection Dram because it represents all Classic Laddie versions that came after that.

I am a mechanical engineer and as a profession I design and homologate trains. I read a lot of legal texts for my work and this nerd part I also apply to the “scientific” approach of blogging about whisky.

Why does wood give the notes that it does? What does Sherry do? I do not take the words of Wikipedia for granted and dive headfirst into an issue. Finding out what is whisky myth and what is scientific truth. All the while fulfilling the need to “know” for myself and enjoy a wee dram at the same time! I buy my whisky to explore this need to know more. All by bottles are open so I may learn and so I can enjoy!

Ever since the death of my sister in 2012 I decided to stop waiting for life to happen and save money for later. I decided that the whisky journey, that started in bars with Johnny Walker, followed by Lagavulin 16yo at my stag night, chieftains 15yo Caol Ila at the birth of my son and 2001 Bruichladdich resurrection dram when my sister died, would add to the life I am living right now by giving me pleasure, joy, moments of bewilderment, moments of learning something new but most of all moments with friends and family.

On the 13th of October 2016 I will go to Islay to complete the promise I made to my late sister. I will have a dram, look up at the heavens and say the words that now have even more added meaning for me.

“Slàinte Mhath!”

Rombout has started to write up his visit, you can read about his first day here.

Rombout can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and his own website.


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  2. I found the reader section of the wordpress app!! bumped into my own Desert Island Dram! lol

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