The Half Century Blend

The chaps at The Blended Whisky Company who are behind this 50 year old blended whisky tell us that it harks back “to the days of whisky production where less efficient barley-strains, sprawling on-site floor maltings, inefficient brewer’s yeast, lengthy fermentation times, mucky direct-fired stills, bulky and inefficient worm-tub condensers and less active refill casks were the norm.” 

A whisky made by whisky lovers, and not by accountants. 

Each elemental whisky involved in the creation of this blend is a minimum of 50 years old (interesting terminology on the press release which leads me to think there are some here well in excess of the half century) Sadly they give nothing away about its components…

The Half Century Blend, IB, The Blended Whisky Co, 45.5%, 768 bottles, (press sample)

The nose is fantastic. I genuinely got lost in here for quite some time. It is sweet and syrupy with a big vanilla hit. Vanilla essence more than anything else. There are elements of beeswax polish, tropical fruits, fruit cocktail and the lightest touch of hardwood. 

Beguiling and intriguing.

The palate is soft and creamy and this is where the fruity nature jumps out. There are gooseberries and pineapples in abundance mixed with a sweet crème Chantilly, in both taste and texture. There is a slight but perceptible florality here.

The finish is soft, buttery and fades fantastically. The vanilla lingers alongside coconut milk and an ever so gentle tannic element emerges with the mildest coastal element.

I could genuinely have nosed this for hours. I spent at least 90 minutes enjoying this sample. The alcohol is barely perceptible, its just so soft and gentle.

Now £600 may sound a lot for a bottle of whisky, and it is, however when you consider what you are getting and the stunning nature of the product I can’t help but wonder if its not entirely unreasonable at all.