Review – The Dalmore Regalis

Dalmore is certainly an opinion splitter when it comes to whisky enthusiasts. I’ve always been a fan, and as an ex-marketing student it’s as as much for their slick marketing as for their product.

The Dalmore Distillery was founded by Alexander Mathieson in 1839 and passed through various owners until its acquisition by Whyte & McKay in 1960. W&M also own, among others, the Jura, Fettercairn and Tamnavulin brands.

The distillery is renowned for its mish-mash of differing still sizes and shapes, the products of which are vatted together before maturation to even out the differences. Current capacity is around 4.2 million litres of spirit per year.

The Regalis expression forms part of Dalmores Fortuna Meritas Travel Retail collection and has been finished in Amoroso sherry casks.

Dalmore Regalis, OB, 40% abv, from my collection, Travel retail only.


 The nose is quite light and nutty with hints of green fruit. Theres a soft biscuity note and something that reminds me of a wine like character.

The palate has hints of light tobacco, its nutty and biscuity but very different to the deeper, richer Dalmore 15. Chocolate notes with bitter oranges and black tea emerge. There’s also a lingering butterscotch in the background.

The finish isn’t very long but its pleasant and continues from where the palate left off, no real surprises on the finish. Mildly tannic and drying and gently fades away.

Quite drinkable and easygoing, if a little simplistic. Its almost like deconstructing the 15 (although I don’t think its that old) and drinking one of the component parts of the expression. An interesting idea.

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  3. […] can also read my previous reviews of The Dalmore Regalis and The Dalmore […]