That Boutique-y Whisky Company 21 year old Secret Distillery release.

If you were to ask whisky drinkers which independent bottler had the best label design then there is every chance That Boutique-y Whisky Company would be that company. Graphic novel stylings with industry ‘in jokes’ and some pun-tastic pictographical jokes make for something very unique.

I had never tried any of their bottlings until earlier this year at The Whisky Show in London where, after being recommended I visit their stall by many of the other writers I had met that day, I thought I had best see what they had to offer.

Manning the stall was none other than whisky writer, fellow beard wearer and all round top chap Dave Worthington.

After a blether with Dave he talked me through their latest releases which included a 21 y.o  (from an undisclosed distillery) and an absolutely stunning 42y.o Invergordon grain whisky which I didn’t get the chance to note but massively enjoyed.

Apparently if you look closely on the label there are clues to the distillery of origin, I’m not telling but I’m pretty sure I know where its from…

That Boutique-y Whisky Company 21y.o (undisclosed distillery) IB, 49.7%

The nose is spiced, mainly cinnamon and cloves, amongst a general sweetness and a damp sandalwood note.

The palate is chocolatey, dark and with the sandalwood note popping up again. Elements of anise and a slight pineapple and tropical undertone emerge. It took me a while to find the main element but it is strikingly similar to chocolate manufacturer Green & Black’s ‘Mayan Gold’ Chocolate which, according to the wrapper, is rich and dark with orange, nutmeg and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla. Sums it up exactly.

The finish is long and spiced. Quite buttery at times, a spiced butter if you will.  There is a perfumed florality that I had not noticed before.

Water seems to have little effect. It just dilutes but doesn’t open up any new flavours really. Its slightly punchy at 49.7% but suits it perfectly.