Desert Island Drams – Graham Coull, Master Distiller, Glen Moray.

My first interaction with Glen Morays Graham Coull was via Twitter. He had made comment on a picture that I had posted of a dram I was enjoying that particular night. I offered to send him a sample and after a few messages back and forth a small swap was engineered.

Only after that I checked his profile and found out who he was. Needless to say he did send me back something rather nice.

I also had the pleasure of attending a masterclass at the Spirit of Speyside: Distilled festival earlier this year hosted by Graham where he unearthed some very intriguing samples from his warehouses.

My Desert Island Dram would have to be Scapa 16.

Whisky is all about memories and Scapa 16 is a whisky packed full of memories for me.
My first introduction to Scapa 16 was in May 2015 on a holiday in Nice with our great friends Graham & Denise Pratt. Graham is a huge fan of whisky so we purchased a bottle of the Scapa in Gatwick Duty Free to be consumed as our ‘apartment dram’ during our week in Nice. Neither of us had tasted Scapa 16 before but the price was right!

The bottle was duly opened on the first night and three quarters of contents did not survive the evening. Wonderfully smooth, sweet and intensely drinkable!

The following day was spent reminiscing about how good the whisky tasted and questioning where it had all gone.

Later in the week we took the short train ride to the first town along the coast in Italy – Ventimiglia. Wandering round the various delicatessens we stumbled upon a shop with an excellent selection of whisky which included Scapa 16 at less than £30 per bottle. We both bought a bottle to take home an enjoy at a later date.

During the summer of 2015 my mother became ill and as a result I spent a great deal of time at the family home with my mother, brother and sister. ‪On August 29th‬(my birthday) we had a family tea at the kitchen table and I produced the bottle of Scapa to share a dram with my brother. Great memories were exchanged over a few drams – the Scapa tasted as good as I had remembered.

Sadly my mother passed away a few days later but the great memories live on. For all these reasons the year 2015 & Scapa 16 will always have a place in my heart.

There is always something interesting happening at Glen Moray and you can catch up with Graham and get a Master Distillers perspective by following him on Twitter


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  1. […] had the pleasure of attending a masterclass with Master Distiller Graham Coull at last years Spirit of Speyside: Distilled event, which highlighted some of the more unusual casks […]

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