Desert Island Drams – Tom Thomson from Toms Whisky Reviews

If you have read any whisky blogs at all then you will have surely come across the musings of a certain Mr Tom Thomson. 

He is a stalwart of the whisky blogging scene and after meeting him recently I can confirm he is just as you would imagine,  a real gent and loves to talk all things whisky. 

He is also the owner of one of the best beards in whisky and, apparently has an unrivaled whisky tattoo collection.

Tom started blogging in early 2012 as a way of recording his own notes and as he was mid way through an IT qualification at the time and he admits the website has grown legs and arms since then.  Including gin, cider and more it now features over 1200 reviews and is still growing.

Instead of following the IT path he now works with whisky every day, chatting to people about whisky and cigars.

I’ve been sitting staring at the email from The Amateur Drammer asking me to write this for some time as it’s both something I really like the idea of writing about but also terrifies me to try to narrow anything down to just one dram.

There’s so many choices out there of drams I could easily sit and sip again and again, Jura Superstition for example is one that I could easily drink again and again.
Then there’s the thought process of why not go for the best dram you’ve ever had … But I’ve had so many good ones that would be difficult to, but maybe the Bruichladdich Valinch 07 (Andy Ritchie) which was finished in a Rioja cask, that was a brilliant dram and another I could go back to over and over again.

Realistically though sitting on a desert island alone I’d want a dram that reminded me of friends and family, that brought me closer to them, so I’d probably plump for a bottle of Black and White which always reminds me of dipping my finger into my Dads dram as a kid, a place and time I’d love to go back to.

You can find Toms fantastic website here and follow his Twitter account here.


  1. […] a Monday afternoon and myself and whisky blogging godfather Tom Thomson are standing, practically open mouthed, in front of almost 5000 bottles, some of which are […]

  2. Very cool to learn more about the man behind the beard and his beginnings in the blogosphere. Now I want to find a bottle of Black and White!
    Cheers and Merry Christmas to you both.


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