Review – Glenmorangie Private Edition Range – Bacalta

The Glenmorangie Private Edition Range now continues into its eighth expression. Following on from last years Milsean comes Bacalta.

Bacalta is finished in some specially selected American oak casks that were heavily toasted before being seasoned by Malmsey wine, a Madeiran wine renowned for its sweetness.

The word Bacalta is Scots Gaelic meaning ‘baked’ and the whisky itself derives its name from the time that the casks have spent baking in the Madeiran sun before being shipped to Scotland to be filled.

Glenmorangie Bacalta, OB, 46%abv, press sample, (available here)

The nose is peachy and really quite fruity. A slight minerality, perhaps like a peach stone, follows a sort of confectionary sweetness. If its possible for something to smell syrupy then this does just that. Elements reminiscent of fruit cocktail linger alongside a gooseberry note.

The palate is sweet and creamy with undertones of fresh vanilla. The fruity theme continues but there are now some slight spiced elements emerging. Honey soaked peaches studded with cloves. There is a slight and very light chocolate note here. Perhaps Milkybars rather than Dairy Milk.

The finish continues to be primarily comprised of fantastic honey coated fruits but the creamy nature still pervades. Notes of clotted cream fudge

The addition of water does little to change the nature of this whisky other than perhaps bring a slightly more citrusy feeling and releases more vanilla. At 46%abv its pretty much spot on.

Definitely a great summer whisky. Not however as sweet as the Milsean and with an interesting minerality present.

I have a fear that as the series continues fewer people will be opening bottles as collectors swoop in to own the complete set, which is a shame as its very drinkable, pleasant natured and even has a little punch to it. Probably my favourite release of the series so far.


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