Review – Glendronach Madeira Cask – Bottled exclusively for The Nectar. 

Sometimes I’m never too sure which whisky to write about next. Its not always that there is a theme but there has been a tenuous link between several of my last reviews.

The Glenmorangie Bacalta was finished in Maderia casks. The Glenrothes 19 was matured in sherry casks. This Glendronach, like the Glenmorangie is a product of madeira casks. The Glenrothes is more usually associated with being in a bourbon cask, but has been matured in sherry, whereas Glendronach as a brand will always be synonymous with sherry casks, which this one isn’t matured in. With me so far?

Not only do I struggle for a theme sometimes, I can also struggle with writing introductions to articles it seems…

The Glendronach 19 y.o Madeira Finish,  1996, cask #4767, 54.1% abv, Bottled for The Nectar, Belgium, (sample swap)

The nose is made up of marzipan, papaya and apricots all coated in powdered sugar. There is a sweetness here, however look deeper and there is a cedar wood element and a slight toffee note.

The palate is creamy and buttery with the confectionary sweetness and hints of Battenberg cake and marzipan giving way to a surprisingly peppery and spiced transition to the finish, which continues to be peppery with the cedar notes returning along with a touch of ginger.

Quite similar in feeling to the Glenmorangie Milsean that I reviewed last year, except this is bottled at a much higher strength and I would say has a greater width and depth of flavour.

An excellent and quite unusual dram and I would venture to say it was quite an eye opener to try a non-sherried Glendronach. I blind tasted this with The Whisky Wingman (who was kind enough to leave me a sample) during one of our whisky evenings and I was almost convinced it was an Amontillado cask or something random like that, but I would never have guessed it was a Glendronach.

Note to self: do more blind tastings.

Note to self: write better intros

Note to self: draw better conclusions.