Review – Raasay While We Wait Batch II

During a recent blind tasting of various whiskies for a magazine competition I, at some point in amongst the 50 other samples, tried R&B Distillers original batch of Raasay While We Wait. I must have been impressed with it as I scored it quite highly against some quality opposition. This mix of finished and peated drams hadn’t always worked for me in the past but here was something quite different. (Authors note: I had guessed as to what it was and had concluded it was likely to be a Port finish Campbeltown malt) 
So how does this second batch differ from the first? Its the same peat level at a low but noticeable 15ppm but has spent much, much longer in the Tuscan wine casks that provide it with not only some interesting flavours but a fantastic pinkish hue, resting this time for 18months rather than the 8 weeks of the original.

Good news is that its non chill filtered and natural colour. It is also bottled at 46% abv which, for me, is about perfect for any whisky (but thats another rambling tangent for another day)

Raasay While We Wait Batch II, R&B Distillers, OB, 46%abv, (Press Sample) available here.

On the nose there is a toffee-peat prescence, along with cinder toffee, lemon tart, white ash, pears and a slight hint of nettle tea.
The palate feels nice and thick, mouthcoating and nicely viscous. Raspberry jam, light smoke and redcurrants are predominant amongst notes of orange oil, green apples and a slight fishy minerality.
The finish is pleasant and quite soft with a lingering and drying sweetness.

The extra time in the wine casks has turned an interesting whisky into something intriguing and that I highly recommend that you try.
There is a lot of competition at this price point but the uniqueness of this particular expression should mean that all 1974 bottles sell out quite quicky. Don’t let that ‘limited edition’ mystique stop you from opening one and enjoying it however.


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