Desert Island Drams – Richard Paterson

There are a few people in the whisky world who require little in the way of introduction.

Richard Paterson is one such person. Master Distiller for The Dalmore and very much the face of the brand. Outspoken, enigmatic and definitely a one of a kind.

Richard has been on my list since the very start of the project and was right at top of my personal hitlist of ‘targets’ for this, the last series. I recently managed to catch up with one of the busiest men in whisky and ask him to nominate his Desert Island Dram.



‘I am fortunate to have enjoyed a lifetime of fabulous whiskies – in fact I am currently celebrating my 50th year in the industry!

Drams which reflect unique cultures and stunning locations, and drams that have been created using some of the world’s finest ingredients have all taken my breath away.

Identifying just one Desert Island Dram is tough, however when it comes to choosing the one whisky that I would spend the rest of my days with, it would need to be taken from The Dalmore Paterson Collection.

Held close to my heart, I painstakingly created the collection to honour the people in the industry who inspired and supported me throughout my career.

From my first true mentor, Donald Mackinlay, to The Dalmore’s founder Alexander Matheson, each dram in the collection is influenced by a selection of true whisky legends.

However, my Desert Island Dram is the twelfth and final bottle in the Paterson Collection.
This, for me, is the expression which is special beyond measure.

I created it to pay tribute to my grandfather and father who were both master blenders.

My passion and enjoyment of whisky comes from them. My grandfather passed the family business to my father in the 1950s, and this bottle in the collection, set to cask in the 1950s, bears the names of my father and grandfather, the two men who helped shape my destiny.

As a Desert Island Dram I imagine I would be sipping the mahogany gold liquid of the twelfth expression while looking out to sea.

The initial taste of hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and plums would help my mind wander to my childhood, with the aftertaste of Columbian coffee and soft liquorice bringing back fond memories of my training with my grandfather and father.

Enjoying The Dalmore Paterson Collection’s No.12 would mean that on a desert island, I would be in the best of company.’


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