An Exclusive Encounter With £500,000 of Japanese Bottle Art.

I’m not really a whisky collector.

I mean I do buy a lot (possibly too much) whisky but I certainly don’t purchase bottles with the intention of keeping them in a display cabinet.

Whisky is for drinking and whatever whisky I do buy just enters somewhere into my ‘Drinking Queue’

This thought brings me rambling along nicely to the purpose of my visit today.

I’m being shown around at the warehouse of Perth based internet whisky auction house Whisky Auctioneer and something suddenly occurs to me.

I’m looking through (at a pre-auction estimate) over £500,000 worth of Karuizawa Japanese whisky and it’s beautiful.

It’s really beautiful.

I can’t comment on the taste, but just looking at these aesthetically pleasing pieces of bottle art I really start to understand why people want to display these.

The elegance of the bottles, the beauty of the labels, the craftsmanship of the packaging and the cabinetmaking skill of the wooden boxes is astounding.

I’m not saying that whisky from the rest of the world isn’t presented or packaged as well… no wait a minute… I am.

This is as good as I’ve seen and quite something to behold. They are, quite simply, lovely objects.

It’s still quite sad that most, or at least some, of these whiskies will never be consumed or enjoyed, but I’m starting to warm to the concept of collecting.


The collection is part of the largest single private collection of Karuizawa ever offered at auction and it’s sale is something of a coup for Whisky Auctioneer.

The highlight of the auction is no doubt this stunning 1960’s Bottling. Only one has been auctioned before and reached a price of £97,000. I can imaging that with the whisky market only continuing to rise skyward rapidly that this will be exceeded.

The collection is being listed as various separate lots and the auction itself begins on the 5th April.
If you fancy bidding, or even just to have a look at the lots on offer, then head over to Whisky Auctioneer and check out what can only be described as some truly beautiful pieces of oriental bottle art.

Thanks again to the staff at Whisky Auctioneer for tolerating my whisky geekness.

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