Press Release – The Glenrothes Wine Merchant’s Collection

Berry Bros. & Rudd has recently announced the release of The Glenrothes Wine Merchant’s Collection. 

With more than three centuries of experience, Berry Bros. & Rudd has long-standing relationships with some of the world’s leading wine producers; it seemed only natural to draw on these to create our truly remarkable range of whiskies – The Glenrothes Wine Merchant’s Collection. 

Distilled in 1992 and matured for more than two decades in hogshead casks, the Wine Merchant’s Collection whiskies were then “finished” by introducing them into casks which formerly held wines from Château de Beaucastel, Lustau and Ridge Vineyards, casks from port houses Warre’s and Graham’s as well as ex rum casks from the St. Lucia Distillery. 
Ronnie Cox, Brands Heritage Director at Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd commented: “The Glenrothes Wine Merchant’s Collection is the result of combining the 300 year old lineage of Berry Bros. & Rudd with those of some of our most illustrious wine suppliers.” 

After the whisky was transferred into the wine casks in 2014 a close eye has been kept until it was recently judged to be perfectly balanced and mature and ready for bottling. Unchill- filtered and natural in colour, this Single Malt from the Wine Merchant’s Collection is bottled at cask strength, resulting in an intense, distinctive and unusual expressions of The Glenrothes. 

Ronnie Cox adds: “The combination of flavours of both wine and whisky and their balance is always a delightful challenge but, I hope you agree that each of these expressions proudly manifests the distinguished nobility of both.” 

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