A Look Around The Diageo Archives

“Its difficult to put a value on some of these bottles” affirms Alia Campbell, archivist at Diageo. “How do you put a value on something that there may only be one of?”

Looking at a bottle of whisky estimated to date from the 1890’s which contains a seemingly pickled snake I would tend to agree…


Its a Monday afternoon and myself and whisky blogging godfather Tom Thomson are standing, practically open mouthed, in front of almost 5000 bottles, some of which are incredibly rare and sought after. Its an awesome sight and the whisky geek in me is almost overwhelmed by the sight.


I’d already put together a list of some of the whiskies I wanted to find in the archives and Alia was happy to indulge me. Tom was already checking out the Rosebank so time for a good rummage…

A 1950’s Haig & Haig and Pinch bottle (the original drink of choice of a certain James Bond 007)


A 1960’s Black and White Blended scotch (as I have a sample of this and was needing a photo for the review)


Oh, and I was also wanting to drool over all the Clynelish I could find…


And some Lagavuilan too of course.


The specially constructed room is stacked with cabinets which are all kept at controlled atmospheric conditions with specialist lighting within.


It truly was an amazing sight and we were lucky to be joined by Tom Jones, Global Ambassador for Johnnie Walker.

After a while we are shown into the basement which contains scores of old documentation relating to all of Diageo’s brands and distilleries.

There is also a selection of sporting trophies and bar memorabilia salvaged from pubs and auctions worldwide.


And of course it would be rude not to take a selfie with a rather famous Striding Man…

FYI he’s the chap in the picture without a beard…


My thanks to Tom Thomson for his excellent company and to all the staff at the archives, especially Alia and Tom.

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