The Whisky Lovers Bookshelf

The only thing that grows faster than my whisky collection is my collection of whisky books. Despite the popularity of the Internet, books are still a great resource for learning. 

What better way to read a good whisky book whilst enjoying a dram?

Here are a few that are on my bookshelf.

Scotch – The Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story

Written by Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart in 1951 it is still a fascinating read.
The Whiskies of Scotland


R.J.S McDowall’s book may be slightly outdated compared to others however its still full of great stories and facts.



Aeneas MacDonalds original book is regarded as one of the great whisky books of all time. Republished recently with an introduction by Ian Buxton.

Whisky Wit & Wisdom


Gavin D Smiths book is a quick but fun read.

Discovering Distilleries of Scotland


Graeme Wallace’s guidebook is updated frequently with all the information you need for planning visits to Scotlands distilleries. A fantastic resource.

101 Whiskies


Ian Buxtons 101 Whiskies series is a staple in all whisky drinkers libraries. How many have you ticked off the lists?

Malt Whisky – The Complete Guide


Charles MacLean’s comprehensive whisky book was one of the first books I read on whisky and comes highly recommended.

Shackleton’s Whisky


Neville Peat has written a fascinating book exploring (no pun intended) Ernest Shackleton and the whisky he left behind during his Antarctic adventures. It includes several chapters at the end devoted to the recent recreation of the whisky by White & McKay

Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion


The whisky guide and a source of reference for beginners, experts and enthusiasts alike.

The Angels Portion

Christoper Thoma has produced a fantastic book, full of observations not only on whisky, but on life in general.

Desert Island Drams: The Book

By A. Drammer

Keep your eyes peeled…