Re-stocking The Library With Some Ben Nevis & Ardmore.

Edinburgh Whisky Ltd already have several expressions available, as well as a couple of blended offerings, and these two new releases are additions to their Library Collection of limited edition single cask bottlings.  You can catch up with reviews of some of their earlier releases here.

Edinburgh Whisky Ltd, Ardmore, IB, 15yo, 46%abv, (available here)


The nose is rather subtle with soft peat smoke and some peppery citrus notes overlaying some charred pineapple and damp wood. Germolene and mild phenols are here, but not overpoweringly so.

The palate is ashy and quite savoury, the phenols have pretty much disappeared by this point. The ash fades to leave some delicious coastal notes and some faint sweet elements emerge but soon change to a grassy and mineral rich tang. Nice interplay here between the smoke and sweet vanilla.

The finish becomes soft and woody with a spearmint note amongst the brine before fading to a pleasant dryness.

Very pleasant indeed and a slight differentiation from OB Ardmore with the lack of apple notes I often associate with their expressions.


Edinburgh Whisky Ltd, Ben Nevis, IB, 20yo, 46%abv, (available here)


As with the Ardmore the nose is quite soft. Fruity elements of apricot and peach mix with powdered sugar and vanilla. Coconut is present here, along with a redcurrant crispness.

The palate is incredibly fruity, powerfully so. Gooseberries, apricots, lychees are all mixed with syrup. Given time the vanilla pushes through along with some creamy coconut. There is a ever so slight nutty element here and a nice rich mouthfeel.

The finish is soft yet rather long and buttery. The rich fruit and lingering vanilla from the palate slowly fade to leave some soft oak and a savoury touch.

This is definitely a little odd from a balance point of view. Having such a soft nose and such a burst of fruit on the palate is rather unexpected and again, the soft and slow finish after such a big flavour explosion is a bit of a rollercoaster.