Old Pulteney to discontinue their 17 AND 21 yo expressions

As you may have seen on my Instagram page earlier it looks to be confirmed that Old Pulteney are discontinuing their 17 and 21 yo,  but will be looking to release alternative aged expressions.

Whilst there has been no official statement from the brand itself, when I reached out to a company spokesperson they confirmed the rumours to be true and they have also since confirmed “aged” replacements to another blogger MaltMan Mike via their official twitter feed. 

Speculation now begins as to what will replace them in their range.

I’m going to guess they will go for a 15 and a 25, allowing them to steady the price of their mid range and increase the price of their higher aged expression.

Stocks of the 21 seem to have dried up quite quickly and no doubt the 17 will follow suit.

Both, no doubt, will be coming to an online auction website soon…

**Update, read about the replacements in the Old Pulteney range here**

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  1. […] The 17yo, alongside the 21yo Old Pulteney has however recently been discontinued and you can read more about that here. […]

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