Review – AnCnoc Rudhan

The AnCnoc Peated Range has been with us in various forms for a while now and this particular expression, Rudhan (pronounced roo-ann) is a Travel Retail exclusive.

AnCnoc Rudhan, OB, NAS, 46%abv, press sample, travel retail only.


Appearance: Light, a very, very pale white wine.

Nose: This feels really light, crisp and, unusually for most peated expressions, quite clean and almost zesty. Wafts of light peat overlay some banana and apple elements.

The peat is quite distinct and cuts through the nose. The apple elements now feel more like cooking apples, crisp and sharp.

Palate: The mouthfeel is quite thin, not the oily peat many will be used to. It is ashy and mineraly with peach and some malty, even biscuity, tones emerging given a little time.

There is a slight coastal air which just masks a very faint vanilla presence. A slight lingering dampness leads to the finish.

Finish: For the first time some wood notes emerge, oak primarily, but quite drying and a little tannic. The finish immediately feels short, but returns with a lingering light woodsmoke and even a very mild waxy feeling.

A young whisky, yes, but crisp, distinct and vibrant in nature.

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