Press Release: Berry Bros. & Rudd and Daftmill Distillery announce distribution deal.

Berry Bros. & Rudd today announced a new global distribution agreement with Daftmill. One of Scotland’s first new wave distilleries, Daftmill produces approximately 100 casks per year.

Named after the Daft stream which, thanks to the local topography, appears to run uphill, Daftmill is situated in the heart of Fife, near Cupar, making it one of only nine active Lowland distilleries.

Daftmill is owned by Francis and Ian Cuthbert.  In 2002 the brothers were granted permission to convert the old mill on the family farm into a distillery.

The first spirit was produced in December 2005 and the bourbon cask from Kentucky’s Heavenhill Distillery was ceremoniously filled by Francis and Ian’s mother.

Daftmill is one of only two distilleries that can use the term ‘single estate’ and the only one that can be referred to as a ‘single estate farm distillery’.

Being a working farm as well as a distillery, the Cuthbert’s grow all the barley required to produce their whisky on their own estate, ensuring full traceability from grain to glass.

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