Trying out a 1920’s Style Professional Blenders Glass.

The eagle eyed of you may have spotted on my social media feeds that I have recently started using some new glassware.

I have had several enquiries as to what it is and where you can get it so I thought it might be an idea to do a little write up.


This is a modern recreation of a style of glass popular with whisky blenders back in the 1920’s. It has a large round ‘onion’ style shape with a thinner opening at the top. It was developed in conjunction with renowned whisky writer Angus MacRaild.

I will admit to being quite a fan already and its now my ‘go to’ glass when taking notes. It seems to capture and concentrate aromas very well indeed, even with smaller amount of liquid in the glass.

No downsides as yet but initial impressions suggest that is quite delicate, especially compared to a Glencairn glass which has been scientifically proven to withstand being dropkicked by international rugby players with huge feet*.

Admittedly it is a little on the pricy side (retailing at £25 from The Whisky Exchange) but I am a convert already.

*This has not actually been proven.

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