Cigar Review – Liga Privada No. 9 Robusto

This range of cigars by Drew Estate contains tobacco from no less than 7 different top tobacco farms in Nicaragua. It has received high ratings from many of the top cigar reviewers.


This stick has a very dark and oily wrapper with barely visible veins. It looks solid and very inviting, it has some weight to it. The foot is well packed.

The Liga Privada No. 9 experience:

I used a guillotine to cut the cigar and a cedar spill to light it. After patiently toasting the foot of the cigar I got a good draw and immediately detected a creamy and velvety palate. This creaminess was there from start to finish.

The cigar has a slight earthy note that combines beautifully with a chestnut-like undertone. The nicotine effect was very mild. By the time the last third started to burn, a woody note became more prominent. A hint of spice appeared and some black pepper notes shined through.

This is a great cigar from start to finish. It is delicate, elegant and subtle. If you are one of those wanting bold and rich flavours in their cigars you may find the Liga Privada Range a bit mild.


Daniel Santiago is the owner of Jeffrey St Whisky and Tobacco in Edinburgh and writes monthly cigar reviews exclusively for

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