Review – A Cadenhead’s 30 y.o Jura

Back in my early whisky journey Jura was one of the first single malts that I tried and enjoyed.

However given the passing of the last few years and exposure to hundreds of other whiskies I think my emotional connection to it far outweighs how much I actually enjoy it now. It doesn’t seem to taste as good as it did back then.

Having not had a Jura for quite some time I stumbled upon this in my sample box. Bottled by William Cadenhead, one of the oldest independent bottlers in Scotland (owned J&A Mitchell, of Springbank Distillery fame)

There were only ever 66 bottles available and, when released, was priced around £140.

This was intended to form part of a Cadenhead themed review comprising notes on several expressions but I decided that it was worthy of a little more attention.

Jura, IB (Wm Cadenhead), 66 bottles, 42.5%abv, sample swap (currently unavailable)


The nose immediately indicates we are dealing with a much different beast than the distillery standard offering (as does the colour, but that is another discussion…)

It seems light with surprising citrus, butterscotch and a gentle smoke. Theres a nice brine note lingering alongside some honey and raspberries. Intermittently there are hints of pineapple and a very faint touch of milk. not sure where that came from…

The palate is slightly leaning towards the savoury side with gentle spices mingling with some tangy, but still fruity, undertones. There are some redcurrants, some banana chips and some custard cream biscuits. Given time some the vanilla starts to become pronounced, but never dominates.

The finish is quite light and is tangy, drying and ever so slightly oaky. Theres still a gentle smoke and a light touch of pine resin.

Light, tangy, classy and quite delicate in places but overall well balanced and something rather wonderful.

This is the reason I am falling more and more in love with ex-bourbon matured whiskies…

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