Cigar Review – Ramon Allones Small Club Corona.

The Ramon Allones Small Club Corona (RASCC) often gets mixed reviews. On the one hand some people love them; on the other, some people dismiss them claiming they’re overrated. From what I’ve seen, many people who criticise this tiny stick can be divided into two groups:

Those who compare the RASCC with its bigger brother the Ramon Allones Specially Selected (RASS).

Those who smoke the RASCC when they’re very young. 

Some in the first group are being unfair in their comparison, the RASCC is a smaller and cheaper cigar. Its larger brother is a complex and premium stick.

Those in the second group should note that the RASCC needs a few months in the humidor just like many other Cubans.


The RASCC experience

The cigar has a lightly coloured and shiny wrapper with a simple cigar band. The initial draw is good with some marzipan notes. Aromas of burning cedar spills and light espresso-crème appeared too.

As the cigar burnt a bit more, it showed a more ‘toasted’ palate with notes that I can only describe as ‘toasted wholegrain biscuit’ and toasted seeds. 

To me, this cigar has a ‘signature’ set of flavours: toasted almonds, cake dough and a hint of cherry compote. Think about a slightly overcooked bakewell tart served warm. My only issue with some RASCC is that 2 out of 5 sticks will have burning issues.

You might need to use your lighter to toast one side of the cigar as uneven burning sometimes occurs.

As the last third started to burn, ‘darker’ notes appeared. The ‘burning cedar spill’ note became more predominant, the espresso crème reminded me more of a full bodied espresso than just the crème.

Overall this is a medium bodied cigar that, I believe, novice and regular cigar smokers will enjoy. It has the right amount of flavours to sit down and appreciate but it also is an overall pleasant cigar that can be smoked while reading, drinking coffee or chatting to others.


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