Cigar Review – Quorum Classic Robusto


These sticks offer great value, For less than £8 you can grab yourself a hand made Robusto from Nicaragua.

The range of Quorum cigars is varied and comes in various sizes. The Classic is made using filler and binder leaves from Nicaragua and a wrapper from Honduras. There is also a very mild stick in the range called Shade; the spicy and richer one is called Maduro. 


The Construction:

The cigar shows an OK construction. Its wrapper has some visible veins and is not as shiny as some premium cigars. It feels well packed, has a spongy foot and feels incredibly light.

The Quorum Classic Experience:

I used a guillotine to cut the cigar and a butane lighter to toast the foot. After igniting it and waiting for about a minute I puffed away. The initial flavour was leafy, reminded me of damp autumn leaves. The cigars offers a consistent palate not unlike roasted coffee and some faint spice notes.

Well into the second third, the flavours appeared to stay the same, this cigar is a bit uni-dimensional.

Closer to the final third strong notes of burnt cedar and black pepper appeared.


For its price this is not a bad cigar at all. Those looking for complexity, depth of flavour and elegance should look elsewhere.

These sticks are perfect for those just wanting an approachable cigar to enjoy while out with friends or at the pub having a drink.

Daniel Santiago is the owner of Jeffrey St Whisky and Tobacco in Edinburgh and writes monthly cigar reviews exclusively for

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