Review – The WhiskyBroker Bruichladdich

Independent whisky bottler Whisky Broker have been quietly but methodically gaining an excellent reputation among whisky fans. Several recent releases have sold out within minutes.

One such example is an 11 year old ex – sherry hogshead Bruichladdich. This was a single cask, non chill filtered natural coloured expression that was released late on in 2017 and was priced at £55. Which, as it turns out, would have been a steal…

Bruichladdich, IB (Whisky Broker) 11y.o, 55.7%abv, (no longer available)

The colour is very dark indeed. Deep, dark and fully sherried.

On the nose there are blackcurrants, soft leather, figs, treacle and raisins. Christmas pudding in a glass is somewhat cliche but it is completely accurate. Given time there is a brown sugar sweetness and a milk chocolate and caramel feeling. There is a slight wisp of sulphur here and there but not to its detriment.

The palate is much softer than the 55% + abv would suggest. It is a typical sherry bomb and good tangy tannins coat the mouth. The raisins and blackcurrants are still there but now but the latter feels more like a fruity jam. There is a good base of cedar wood here and a definite cigar humidor feeling when the tobacco elements reveal themselves. For the first time there is a little ginger which, when paired up with the chocolatey undertones, makes for a delicious combination.

The finish is slightly shorter than I had imagined, but incredibly pleasant. A slight brine note emerges amongst the spiced finish. Soft and buttery gingerbread is here too alongside a few twists of pepper and perhaps the faintest prickle of cigar ash.

This really is a fantastic dram which I massively enjoyed. Time for us all to start keeping a closer eye on what this Indie bottler is releasing.

This particular expression has long since sold out but you can keep up with the latest releases on the Whisky Broker website.

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  1. AmateurDrammer · ·

    They do, I really need to start keeping a closer eye on them.

  2. Whisky Broker often has VERY good bottlings!

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