Cigar Review – Caldwell Eastern Standard Coretto

This torpedo shaped cigar is relatively new to the British cigar scene. I came across these sticks two months ago when the owner of the brand, Robert Caldwell, went around cigar retailers introducing them.

These tasty sticks are rolled using rare and well aged tobacco leaves at the Ventura cigar factory in the Dominican Republic.


The Construction

This cigar is well wrapped, it has a spongy foot, an oily wrapper and very few veins visible. It feels nice in my hands.

The Correto Experience

Using a guillotine to cut the cigar and a butane lighter to ignite it I toasted the foot of the cigar. My first impression was: ‘wow, this is a tightly rolled cigar’. After a couple of puffs there were no more issues, it smoked very well.

A note of freshly cut wood shavings, fire cinders and leather appeared soon after the cigar was lit. Those flavours remained unchanged until the secod third started to burn.

Some waxy and flavourful oils are present from the second third onwards. There were some notes similar to golden syrup, heated butter and nutmeg.

The flavours from the first and second thirds appeared intermittently in the last third and were joined by notes similar to creamy mushroom sauce with black pepper.


Whilst the cigar showed lots of flavour and character, it is a mild cigar. The above mentioned flavours appeared slowly and were discreet.

At times I had to really stop and look for the flavours . If you’re looking for a mild cigar to enjoy after lunch or to have with coffee, look no further.


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