Cigar Review – A. J. Fernandez Bellas Artes Robusto

A. J. Fernandez Bellas Artes Robusto
If the name A. J. Fernandez doesn’t ring a bell, it might be because up until quite recently this brand was not available in Britain.
Sadly the Bellas Artes are not yet available in the UK. I was lucky enough to be given a few sticks as a gift whilst abroad.
The cigar has a solid, premium construction with a luxury feel to them. A. J. Fernandez went to great lengths to create a truly special cigar. The wrapper is a hybrid leaf made up of three different types of tobacco seed. These cigars show a silky and shining wrapper, very pleasant to the eye.
The Bellas Artes Robusto Experience
Using a sharp guillotine I cut the cigar and used a soft-flame, butane lighter to ignite it. I normally use jet flame lighters so it took me a bit longer than usual to get it going. My first impression was: ‘wow, this cigar is really smooth’. The first third was delightful, smooth and nutty with a persistent dry palate. Reminded me of burning cedar spills.
The second third was as smooth on the palate as the first. Sweet roasted cereal notes, roasted hazelnuts and more of that woody/tannic element. It was a cigar with a medium palate from start to finish really.
The final third showed more robust and darker notes. I found notes of over-roasted coffee beans and an earthy touch, like of  wet forest land in autumn. A whiff of damp and old logs burning announced that the cigar was nearing its end.
If you are looking for a special and reliable cigar the A. J. Fernandez Bellas Artes Robusto is a cigar that will deliver. Take your time and enjoy it with a light and delicate whisky if you can.


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