Review – TWE 1973 Speyside Region Blend

This particular blended malt was bottled by German Independent bottler The Whisky Agency (on behalf of The Whisky Exchange) and is the first of their offerings that I have sampled.

This was the the sum of a variety of component malts from across the Speyside region, is 43 years old, distilled in 1973 and when bottled in 2017 yielded a limited run of 568 bottles. The colour comes from its 43 years in a refill sherry butt and is completely natural. The press information states it may have been matured in a Fino Sherry Butt.

Worthy of note is the fantastic looking label as well, a nice touch.


Photo courtesy of TWE

At the time of writing this has already sold out so as usual my reviews are neither timeous nor relevant…

Speyside Region 1973, Blended Malt, IB (The Whisky Agency), 47.4%abv, (press sample)


The nose is full of baked pastries, warm apricots and light brown sugar. There are hints of old polishing cloth too, which overlays a very fresh and fruity undercurrent. There are hints of tropical fruits and green apple comes and goes as we linger. There are waves of soft vanilla and some very distant yet defined oak. Given time there is a very slight damp note.

The palate feels quite thick and coats the mouth wonderfully. Big hints of well buttered banana bread, custard cream biscuits and some gentle chocolate notes (milk chocolate truffles) There is a slight herbaceous tone but it never really takes over and is soon lost  amongst the fruitiness.

The finish is mouthwateringly buttery with delicious soft spices and fading wood. There are very pleasant touches of cinnamon and ginger and the faintest twist of white pepper.

This was available for £399 on The Whisky Exchange. For this particular expression I would argue that it was great value. I am sorry to have missed out on a bottle.

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