Review – The Dram Mòr Glenrothes 2009

Truth be told I’ve a bit of a soft spot for all things Glenrothes and I’ve certainly never encountered a bad one (the core Glenrothes 10 isn’t bad, perhaps a little uninspiring but by no means a bad dram) Glenrothes has always been held in high regard by bottlers and blenders alike so perhaps a good starting point for a new on the scene independent bottler?

New Glasgow based Indie brand Dram Mòr may be under the radar just now but will their first release be the start of good things to come?

Glenrothes, IB (Dram Mòr), 2009, 10yo, 58% abv, press sample (available here)


This expression was matured in cask #5280 which yielded 348 bottles.

The nose is way richer than I expected. Full of soft and delicious sherry tones underpinned by massive dollops of honey and green apple with a sweet florality making itself known after a while. There are notes of soft caramel and milk chocolate alongside brown sugar and the re-emergence of yet more runny honey, bringing forth almond croissants and a big handful of sultanas.

The palate is buttery and full with a lovely mouthfeel. Gingerbread, stewed apples and cinnamon combine wonderfully with some brown sugar and honeyed fruits. There are a few gentle tannins, hints of fruit syrup, biscoff biscuits and a few oranges.

The finish is mildly malty, perhaps even slightly cake-y with a few emerging notes of tobacco, cedar and a faint nuttiness. There is a faint touch of youth here (when taken without water) but it is tamed by the honeyed and spice driven nature of the dram.

A great cask selection and an impressive debut for Dram Mòr who have a few other releases planned in the near future.

Watch this space..

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